Nike Zoom Pegasus 31 New Arrivals

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2016 Latest Nike Air Jordan Imminent Basketball Shoes Deep Blue Mens Sneakers LOL Forever 21 is selling a bunch of T-shirts with, like, Biggie and Tupac on them. Oh, and Kid 'n Play, but fuck that noise cause they were wack. If you have a choice between a Biggie T-shirt and a Kid 'n Play T-shirt and you choose the Kid 'n Play T-shirt, you’re straight losing, girl. Big time. That shit shouldn’t even register as a decision in your synapses. But I guess the big kerfuffle with Forever 21 making these shirts were the cries of cultural appropriation that surrounded an earlier line they released entitled Straight Outta Compton that fucking bricked and was pulled by the fast fashion chain once the digital-based, militant army known as Twitter got a hold of it. Regardless if this is in fact cultural appropriation, I’m just perplexed as to why these even exist. I mean, they must be for corny girls who don't realize you can just find an image of Biggie and have it airbrushed on a tee for pretty much the exact same price Forever 21 is selling their shit for. Also, another big LOL at Refinery 29 for giving props to the retailer for using a relatively more diverse range of models in this release... Really? This counts as diversity? What the fuck do the Refinery 29 offices look like if this is considered even relatively diverse Fuck it. I don't care. This is just like when Wu-Tang licensed their shit to Gap . Although, I don’t think these are even the most egregious T-shirts Forever 21 sells. Which brings me to shouting out this tank that says, and I quote, Holla Back Gangsta . I hate to break it to you, but if you're still saying holla back in 2014 you are definitely Fabolous' side chick no matter what he's told you otherwise.

Nike Zoom Pegasus 31 New Arrivals,